Although Drew is the youngest of my four Psi-Kids (age nine), his abilities seem to be the most honed! He is a force to be reckoned with. His size, and his trusty hoverboard allow him to move quickly and quietly.

While the sudden appearance of psionic abilities among the kids in The Below traumatized a lot of younger children, Drew has embraced his powers. He’s also a bit of a daredevil and is willing to take some risks (much to Gowri’s chagrin).

Drew has been on his own in the Corridors of The Below, since his parents (freaked out by his powers), shunned him as some sort of demon. The other Psi-Kids have become his makeshift family. Together they make a formidable team, both in and out of combat.

He also has a bit of a crush on Gowri, but he’s too shy to say anything.


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