At age 15, Gowri is the oldest of my Psi-Kids. Gowri tries hard to put on a tough facade for the other kids. She’s become the defacto leader of the group and feels deeply protective of the others.

Gowri is quick to solve problems physically, often with a punch to the gut for anyone unlucky enough to underestimate her.

For as impetuous as she reacts most of the time, Gowri’s psionic ability of Biokinesis appeared subtly. She first noticed after a brawl with a corridor vendor (hey, he didn’t need that fruit as much as she did.) Scrapes and bruises, that would normally have taken days to heal, disappeared in a matter of minutes.

With practice she has been able to control other organic things. A boost of adrenaline to help her speed once in a while, even healing some of her friends wounds! And, of course, there was that incident with the Dark Ones.

Gowri couldn’t let them take poor Anna! As Gowri watched the man, dressed in Black, his face obscured by the helmet’s visor, she could feel her blood boil in anger at the man. Suddenly the man dropped to the grown, writhing in pain, screams muffled by the helmet. A pool of warm blood forming under his figure.

Gowri snatched up Anna and they ran off into Elysium’s winding corridors, safe again. For now.


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