I’m not sure where I actually came across the idea of creating a self-contained dice and supplies box. Probably Pinterest.

While I consider myself very ‘crafty’, I also have a short attentions span, limited time, and like quick and easy shortcuts. The boxes below are made from old backgammon games. If you’re a backgammon player, you’ll hate this. If, like me, you’re not, then they make great carrying cases and take just a few minutes to make.

You can pick up old backgammon games from thrift stores such as Goodwill for $1-$5. The ‘executive’ case cost $3.99.

Here are the things you’ll need:

  • Felt pieces ($0.39 to $2.00)
  • Hot glue to hold down the felt
  • A ruler and a blade or scissors to cut the felt
  • Whiteboards – buy the cheap ones from a dollar store as they are easy to cut. The ones that go in a locker or are better quality are actually metal and hard to cut.
  • About 15 minutes of time.