Firefly - It's a Hard Life

Summary: It's a Hard Life is my Firefly campaign set before the events of Serenity. We started play on April 23, 2014. I am using Savage Worlds as the rule system. Our heroes are all crew members on a small, but fast Hornet Class Ship.

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Episode 1 - Pilot

Spoilers Alert! This, and the next few episodes are based on Into the Lion's Den by Michael Chumbler and Jan Hendrik Friedrich.


It's a Hard Life

It's a hard life, living on the Rim, but it's freedom. Everyone has their own reasons for being there, but each of you calls the Hornet Class Courier home. It's not much, and it's not big, but it's home nonetheless. Best suited for passengers and small, but highly valuable (or illegal) cargo, because of its limited hold. The Hornet makes an ideal ship for quick getaways. It relies on stealth and speed, as it is unarmed, to keep its crew, passengers, and cargo safe.

The Eavestown Docks, on the border planet Persephone, is a good place as any to find some work - 'specially if said work may be less 'n legit. The Docks, if you can even call them that, team with ships, merchants, kiosks and people of all sorts. Nobles on Persephone tend to have their own private spaceports, leaving the maze that is Eavestown to those with less ranking, less cash, and (often times) less than good intentions.

People scatter as the street suddenly lights up, flashing a warning lights and blaring the same in Chinese and English. You take the Hornet down cautiously, landing next to street vendors and kiosks of all types. You drop the small ramp and everyone disembarks, breathin' in the smells of fish, fuel, and human sweat.

You look at each other, and then take in your surroundings….


Our players take a job from Porfirio Calanche delivering Genseed to Aberdeen. However, there is a tight schedule. A few days into the flight they find themselves in a debris field and then hailed by a distress call. Cautiously bringing the small escape pod on board, they find a savage man inside. He's highly disfigured with self-inflicted cuts and they learn that his is escaping a pack of Reavers. The man, captured by the Reavers and tortured, reverted to making himself like them. He promises the crew a hefty treasure as he knows where his pack stores all the loot from their raids.

Episode 2 - Against Better Judgement

Summary: Despite believing that their new charge could be leading them into a trap, the crew decides that the lure of big (although not easy) cash is worth the risk. They head back to the debris field in search of the loot. All but the Doctor and the Captor go aboard the floating "storage bin", after narrowly escaping incoming Reaver ships and an Alliance cruiser. Their plans are quickly altered as Reavers attack the away team, as well as the Doctor and his charge back on The Hornet. The characters are able to fight off the Reavers and escape, making their way towards Aberdeen, with only a small portion of the loot that could have been theirs.

Episode 3 - Nothing's Ever Easy

Entering Aberdeen, Downport 267 (named after Outpost 267, the original name for the settlement), the group waves Hazel Jenny Klein, the buyer of the Genseed. Feeling double-crossed, because of the impending expiration date, Hazel Jenny and her posse track down the crew and open fire on them in a local bar. The crew of the Hornet hold their own and Hazel Jenny calls off the attack. She does, however, look for a little compensation in the form of hijacking a shipment old weapons leaving for reclamation off world. The crew also picks up a young pair of elopers who are looking for passage off world, to avoid the wrath of their families who disapprove of their union.

Our heroes tag the weapon crates destined for off world with a tracking device and plan to retrieve it by deceiving the Trash Hauler into stopping to assist them when in orbit.

Episode 4 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Feigning engine issues, the crew of The Hornet succeed at convincing the trash hauler to pull over. Filling the cargo hold with a knockout gas, they overcome the Reclamation employees and board the hauler. Attacked by several automated rodent-control robots, firing bbs and generally being a nuisance, the group worked to locate the marked cargo. After successfully taking out the robots, and subduing a small party of Reclamation workers, they were able to extract the crate. Deciding to let things cool down some, the Hornet crew made its way to Athens to drop off it’s passengers and then return to Aberdeen. All goes well and the team departs from meeting Hazel Jenny with no hard feelings, and a small collection of firearms. Leaving atmo they are feeling pretty good, until they are hailed by an Alliance cruiser ….