Students Attempt to Raise the Dead at Roost

Post date: Jun 26, 2015 10:48:26 PM

Work on repairing the Roost, after the tragic fire during this year's Freshman Sweat Lodge, continues. However, work is slow as reports of ghostly apparitions and strange happenings come in from the work crews. In fact, several crew members have refused to return to work.

In what appears to be have been some harmless fun, a handful of students were cited with trespassing last night. ETU security guards caught the students as they attempted to flee the Roost. Guards reported that the students had set up "some kind of seance or ritual" in the middle of the basketball court.

Apart from a broken trophy case, no other vandalism or theft is apparent at this time. While cited, the students have not received any other disciplinary action.

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