Professor and Ex-Girlfriend Afflicted

Post date: Aug 19, 2015 11:29:32 PM

Doctoral student and Professor of English Literature, and his ex-girlfriend, were both suddenly afflicted by a strange occurrence. Both experienced severe eye irritation and burning, "as if sprayed in the face with mace" Professor Cutter reported later. Katy Robins was hospitalized and Professor Cutter's attack came on suddenly during class. Just as suddenly they irritation disappeared a day later. Local medical authorities, and school administration, are unable to offer any cause but state that the incidents seem to be isolated and students and residents should not worry about a contagion.

In unrelated news campus administration reports suspending a student that may have made threats against Professor Cutter. Some reports claim the student practiced black magic and voodoo and maintained a "creepy alter thing in her closet."

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